Run 3 summary

Tested 2018-04-09 09:09:48 using Firefox 53.0.3 for 3 runs with desktop profile and connectivity native.

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Summary of some of the most important metrics.

Performance score:96
Total page size:461.5 KB
RUM Speed Index:440



The coach helps you find performance problems on your web page using web performance best practice rules. And gives you advice on accessibility and best practices.

I am the coach

Coach score

  • Total score 93
  • Performance score 96
  • Accessibility score 99
  • Best practice score 79

Accessibility advice (99)

Use heading tags to structure your page (headings)The page is missing a h2 and has heading(s) with lower priority.90
Use headings tags within section tags to better structure your page (sections)The page doesn't use sections. You could use them to get a better structure of your content.0

Performance advice (96)

Avoid slowing down the critical rendering path (fastRender)The page has 2 render blocking CSS request(s) and 0 blocking JavaScript request(s) inside of head.70
Inline CSS for faster first render on HTTP/1 (inlineCss)The page has both inline styles as well as it is requesting 2 CSS file(s) inside of head. Let's only inline CSS for really fast render.90
Avoid Frontend single point of failures (spof)The page has 2 requests inside of head that can cause a SPOF. Load them asynchronously or move them outside of document head.80
Long cache headers is good (cacheHeadersLong)The page has 2 request(s) that have a shorter cache time than 30 days (but still a cache time).98
Always compress text content (compressAssets)The page has 1 request(s) that are served uncompressed. You could save a lot of bytes by sending them compressed instead.90
Avoid using incorrect mime types (mimeTypes)The page has 1 misconfigured mime type(s). 99
Make each CSS response small (optimalCssSize) size is 23.8 kB (23832) and that is bigger than the limit of 14.5 kB. Try to make the CSS files fit into 14.5 kB.90

Best practice advice (79)

Serve your content using HTTP/2 (httpsH2)The page is using HTTPS but not HTTP/2. Change to HTTP/2 to follow new best practice and make the site faster.0
Meta description (metaDescription)The page is missing a meta description.0

Page info

Page info
TitleHome .:. Artur Pędziwilk
DOM elements148
Avg DOM depth8
Max DOM depth10
Script tags1
Local storageN/A
Session storageN/A
HTML vs AMPPlain good HTML page
Resource Hints
No URLs for dns-prefetch
No URLs for preconnect
No URLs for prefetch
No URLs for prerender


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Custom scripts

There are no custom configured scripts.


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HTTP versionHTTP/1.1
Total requests5
Total domains3
Total transfer size461.5 KB
Total content size461.5 KB
Responses missing compression1
Requests per response code

Requests and sizes per content type

ContentHeader SizeTransfer SizeContent SizeRequests
html197 B13.1 KB13.1 KB1
css924 B30.2 KB30.2 KB2
image434 B342.8 KB342.8 KB1
other501 B75.4 KB75.4 KB1
Total2.0 KB461.5 KB461.5 KB5

Size and requests per domain

DomainHeader SizeTransfer SizeContent SizeRequests
wilkart.online197 B13.1 KB13.1 KB1
keycdn.wilkart.online908 B366.1 KB366.1 KB2
opensource.keycdn.com951 B82.3 KB82.3 KB2

Expires, last modified and cookies stats

Expires0 seconds1 week4 weeks
Last modified10 minutes28 weeks44 weeks