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Largest CSS files

urltime since last modifiedcache timesize (kb)
https://keycdn.wilka...rap.2.2.2.min.css 28 weeks4 weeks23.3
https://opensource.k...t-awesome.min.css 44 weeks1 week6.9

Slowest responses

These are the assets that took the longest time to download.

urltime since last modifiedcache timesize (kb)timing (ms)
https://wilkart.online/ 10 minutes0 seconds13.1NaN
https://keycdn.wilka...rap.2.2.2.min.css 28 weeks4 weeks23.3NaN
https://opensource.k...t-awesome.min.css 44 weeks1 week6.9NaN
https://keycdn.wilka...s/images/wilk.jpg 17 weeks4 weeks342.8NaN
https://opensource.k...ome-webfont.woff2 44 weeks1 week75.4NaN